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Why is a Travel Visa Required?

A travel or a tourist Visa is required to grant you official permission to enter, visit, and stay in a country for a designated time period only. Please note that a travel visa is only for visiting the destination.

Check the validity of your visa before entering a country so as to be sure of its expiration date and keep any hassles at bay.

What is the Process to Apply for a Travel Visa?

The country to be visited and your nationality determine your visa application approach. Here are the simple methods to apply for a travel visa.

At an Embassy

Apply for a visa at the country’s embassy or consulate you are looking forward to visiting. So, you need to -

  • Book an appointment.
  • Present the documents required.
  • Go through the e-verification process
  • Pay the processing fee for the visa
  • Appear for visa interview.
Visa on Arrival (VOA)

This visa can be obtained when you have reached the entry point of the destination. Simply visit the visa counters, apply, pay the fee, and you will get a visa within a few minutes to a few hours.

However, it is valid for only one trip at a time and is for a shorter duration than e visa.

Make sure to check the countries for which this visa type is eligible.

Online Visa/ E Visa Application

To apply for an e visa, you have to check if that country issues one. Valid for a specific time period, you can use it many times. Visit its official website to:

  • Fill your application.
  • Attach your documents
  • Pay the fee.

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E-Visa Application Process with Wizfairtravelntechnology

Enjoy the simplified and quick e visa with us as you -

  • Fill out our form
  • Submit documents
  • Make the payment
  • Complete the e-verification process

Your visa application will be processed and you will get it shortly.


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